NOVO Dental Is The Official Team Dentist for Fraser Valley Bandits Basketball Team

Berry the Bandits’ First Dental Appointment

Berry The Bandit in NOVO Dental’s Reception Area

Berry The Bandit sitting in NOVO Dental Centre's reception area

Berry the Bandit recently visited NOVO Dental Centre for his first ever dental checkup. The entire NOVO team was on hand to ensure Berry’s first visit to the dentist was a wonderful experience.

Dr Provo and dental team in op with Berry the Bandit

Berry The Bandit in Dentist Chair

Berry received a thorough tooth by tooth examination by Dr. Provo. Once the exam was completed Berry was thrilled to learn he’d been doing an excellent job with his brushing and flossing which had resulted in him being cavity free!

NOVO Dental Is The Official Team Dentist for Fraser Valley Bandits Basketball Team

NOVO Dental Centre Is Pleased to support Local Sports

NOVO Dental Centre has always been a big fan of local sports because the benefits of which go well beyond improving physical fitness and reducing stress. Sports teach important life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, time management and builds self-confidence that can set the tone for the participants’ entire life.

Over the years NOVO Dental Centre has supported numerous local amateur sports teams through financial contribution, donation of uniforms, team jackets or equipment that may be needed.

In the past NOVO Dental Centre has even had the opportunity to sponsor our local university, UFV Cascade’s varsity basketball teams.

Local sports offer so much more than entertainment, it provides opportunities to be role models, avenues for involvement and brings a community together.

Dr. Provo checking Berry the Bandit's teeth

Dr. Provo is a Big Basket Ball Fan

Many may not know this about Dr. Provo but she is an avid basketball fan who has been playing basketball since she was a teenager. She continues playing today by challenging her teenage son to one on one games on a regular basis. During the NBA playoff games the entire family is glued to the TV, so naturally 2 years ago when Dr. Provo found out Abbotsford was going to be the new home to a professional basketball team, called the Fraser Valley Bandits, she was very excited that she and her family would be able to attend Canadian Elite Basketball League games so close to home!

Fraser Valley Bandits Basketball – Abbotsford

The initial tip-off for the Fraser Valley Bandits was May 9, 2019 with the season running to August 15, 2019. With NOVO Dental Centre’s longstanding support of community sports and Dr. Provo’s particular affection for basketball they reached out to The Fraser Valley Bandits to inquire about their sponsorship program. NOVO Dental Centre became an official sponsor of the Bandits for the 2020 season! Sadly, due to the COVID19 pandemic the season was cancelled and replaced with the CEBL Summer Series Tournament, which was played behind closed doors at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario without live spectators.

Determined to continue to support the Fraser Valley Bandits, NOVO Dental Centre once again joined the sponsorship program for the 2021 season. Team NOVO is thrilled to share that this year, they have also been appointed as the official team dentist for the Bandits which was formally announced June 3, 2021.

Berry the Bandit Leaving NOVO Dental Centre

Berry Bandit Leaving NOVO Dental Centre with a great dental checkup

Barry is excited to have made new friends at NOVO Dental Centre, and that he learned more about brushing and flossing his teeth.

Team NOVO is excited for the Bandits basketball season ahead and wishes the Fraser Valley Bandits every success!

If you’d like to have your teeth checked and cleaned by Team NOVO give our office a call today at 604-854-6162 to schedule an appointment.