Digital Dentistry

Dentistry is undergoing many revolutionary changes with the introduction of digital technology. We are now able to offer our clients a level of service and precision previously unmatched with the integration of digital or computer-based components. From electronic charting, to replacing outdated techniques, to improve overall client experience.

Better Patient Outcomes with Digital Dentistry

It is a very exciting time in dentistry both for the client and the dentist. With the assistance of computer technology Dr. Provo is able predictably plan and better control the outcome of each case. Whether it is a single restoration or a very complex full mouth rehabilitation. From the client’s standpoint, Digital Dentistry means fewer and more comfortable dental appointments.

Computer-aided dentistry streamlines many processes and removes a number of manual steps thereby improving precision and reducing the potential for follow-up appointments for adjustments.

Benefits From Digital Dentistry

Digital Scans of your teeth replace the need for uncomfortable bad tasting impression materials required to attain a picture or model of your mouth. Using a 3-D scanner Dr. Provo captures a series of high-resolution pictures which create an accurate, virtual model of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. This level of accuracy provides Dr. Provo the opportunity to truly evaluate your mouth and understand the mechanics of your bite and function. The best part is we are able to save this accurate image for future use which allows us to monitor and track any changes that may occur over time.

Digital Dental Scans

These Digital Dental Scans can be used for a variety of different services:

  • Smile Designs: Clients are able to co-design their new smile by sharing their desires and expectations with their dental team and seeing the end result prior to the commencement of their treatment
  • One Appointment Crowns: CEREC is one of the most time efficient advancements in dentistry today. Previously, if you needed a dental crown, it would require a number of appointments. Now, with our Digital Dentistry Technology known as “CEREC”, we can complete a crown in one appointment, saving you much needed time.
  • Surgical Guides: Planning and creating guides for dental surgeries such as implants improves the precision from start to finish. From these scans Dr. Provo is able to formulate a detailed plan that will ensure the best outcome for each case.

With the advents in 3D printing, we are now able to provide more in-house custom care to suit your treatment needs. We are committed to providing our best care for you, utilizing the best evidence-based technology for the better oral health of our clients.