Oral Sedation Dentistry

We understand that a trip to the dentist may cause anxiety for some people. If you feel nervous about any aspect of your visit to NOVO Dental Centre, be assured that our team understands and takes pride in ensuring your visit is as comfortable as possible.

We are very sensitive towards clients suffering from dental anxiety. To help you relax, we offer oral sedation dentistry which is a form of conscious sedation  – the use of oral sedation, that comes in a pill form, is administered before (and sometimes during) a dental procedure.

There are many benefits to oral sedation dentistry. You do not actually sleep during treatment, but you will be sedated enough to make you extremely calm. By the next day, most clients remember little-to-nothing of the time they spent in the dental chair. Gone are memories of the office’s sights, sounds and smells that are often traumatizing to people.