3D Digital Printing

3D Printing Technology

With the advents in 3D printing, we are now able to provide more in-house custom care to meet your individual treatment needs.

3D printing technology allows for the creation of highly precise and customized dental appliances, such as retainers, whitening trays and aligners. The accuracy and fit of these appliances has increased with the use of a 3D printed model.

3D Printing at NOVO Dental Centre


Introducing Primeprint 3D Printing. An innovative 3D printing technology that allows us to create custom medical grade dental solutions with precision and efficiency.

Custom Made Dental Appliance

Traditionally a mold was taken of your teeth and sent to an external lab to be poured up in stone and have the appliance made. This workflow has a built-in risk factor for error. The impression could become distorted if there was a delay in pouring up the stone model or, the stone model could break during the fabrication of the appliance. All of which could result in having to retake the impressions and delaying treatment.

Utilizing a digital intraoral scan (Digital Dental Scan) and printing a highly accurate 3D model out of resin we are able to print precisely fitting appliances.

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3D printing can also help reduce wait times for dental prosthetics, such as night guards, dentures, splints and surgical guides, as they can be produced in-office rather than being sent off to an external laboratory.

With your digital scan on file should you lose or break your night guard, retainer or denture we can quickly reproduce your appliance. This results in faster and more convenient treatment for our clients.

Environmentally, the use of 3D digital scanning and printing in dentistry allows us to fabricate physical models and appliances on-a-demand basis, using only the amount of material needed. Utilizing this technology means that 3D printing can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated.

NOVO Dental Centre is committed to providing our clients the best dental care by utilizing evidence-based technology to provide efficient and more responsive service, resulting in improved client care and treatment outcomes