Implants – Inliant Surgical Guide

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Technology is rapidly changing in dentistry, especially in the world of dental implants! The long-term success of dental implant therapy is largely dependent on the proper implant positioning in the bone. Digital advancements, as those provided by the Inliant system, have created the technology to place an implant with enhanced accuracy and predictability.

See Inliant Surgical Navigation System video below.

NOVO's Dental Surgical Navigation System

What is an implant?

An implant is a little titanium post that goes in the jaw and replicates the root of the tooth. After it heals for a few months, a crown is placed that precisely fits on top of the implant and merges with the soft tissue making the implant appear and function like a real tooth.

Inliant Dynamic Surgical Navigation System

The Planning:

  • To begin, a stent is fabricated that contains small registration markers and is worn by the patient during the 3D x-ray and again during the surgery.
  • The 3D x-ray registers Inliant’s unique markers contained within the stent, correlating the 3D x-ray with the patient’s anatomy to provide precise orientation for planning accuracy. The registration markers contained within the stent work like a GPS system for placing the implants.

Inliant Implant Placement

NOVO Dental - Digital Dentistry surgical navigation

  • The implant procedure can be done either under local anesthetic or using conscious sedation.
  • The Inliant guided implant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and can be done most of the time without an incision because the doctor knows where they are placing the implant.
  • During the Implant procedure, the Inliant markers on both the handpiece and patient tracker provide known references which are captured in real-time by 2 high-definition motion-tracking cameras.
  • The Inliant software calculates and tracks the position of the handpiece and patient position and displays it on the monitor in real-time providing the doctor with precise angulation and position of the drill. This advanced technology guides the doctor to confidently place the implant with great accuracy.

Patient Benefits:

The patient is able to proceed with treatment in a very timely manner

  • Minimally invasive
  • Less post–operative discomfort
  • Faster healing

Inliant Surgical Navigation System Video

NOVO Dental is excited to have the Inliant Surgical Navigation System in our clinic. We are happy to show you all the benefits of this system. Schedule a consultation appointment to learn how you might benefit from our Inliant Implant system. Please call us today at 604-854-6162