Gardeners know all the dirt and that is…. green things need lots of sun and rain to grow and here in the beautiful Fraser Valley we have plenty of both. We love to promote growth here at NOVO Dental Centre, whether it is physically outdoors, or internally through emotional or spiritual growth.

Every gardener instinctively knows that puttering around with your plants can have a profoundly uplifting effect! The mental health benefits of gardening tend to be underestimated, but are definitely present.

Our gardens confer a special kind of serenity upon us which is often hard to come by in our frenetic, pressured world. It is only in recent years that doctors and mental health professionals have begun to truly delve into the healing potential of gardening. As studies are done, it’s shedding light on an underutilized method for mental health care that’s as close as your own back yard. The physical element of gardening improves your physical health and gardening can be a substitute for a trip to the gym! The simple act of spending time outside in green spaces encourages the brain to release serotonin, a chemical responsible for regulating our moods. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to help ease the winter blues, as well as increasing the body’s production of vitamin D.

In keeping with promoting health and growth for our family of clients, we are pleased to award our Monthly Draw Prize of a $50 gift certificate to Devan Greenhouses to Leanne.

Leanne is sure to find everything she needs at Devon Greenhouses, whether it is hanging baskets, seeds, seedlings, fully grown potted plants or gardening tools. Using the latest technology, they are able to provide a large selection of annuals, herbs, perennials and vegetables. Their retail store allows the general public to have access to their plants at an affordable price and their staff are friendly and knowledgeable.