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Proudly Supporting Our Community

We are passionate about supporting our local community and you will regularly see us out volunteering or attending local events.

Whether we’re at a preschool teaching young children about how to brush their teeth, or at a youth basketball game handing out toothbrushes and lip gloss, we’re passionate about teeth and love connecting the community with good care!

As a team we also like to attend local events. From the Gutsy Run to the Run for Water, you’ll see us on the trail raising funds for important local causes.

If you see us out in the community please come over and say hello! We love to see our clients and enjoy making new friends as well! Or, if you have an event that you think we should be at please send us an invitation!

Abbotsford is a very special place to live and what makes it so amazing is the people who live here. It’s a wonderful place to call home.

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