Christmas is a time for reflection of our past year and one particular reoccurring thought that  stands out in all of our minds is, how strongly Dr. Provo feels about the  importance of giving back to our community and helping others in need around the world.

During the course of the year Team NOVO participated in various community projects and fund raisers, making donations to the Shoebox Christmas projects, supporting local junior sports teams, and being one of the sponsors for the UFV Cascades. Toothbrushes donated from NOVO can be found from Africa to the Dominion Republic. Team members were spotted volunteering their time throughout the year at the Abbotsford Food Bank Dental Clinic.

Every year for our December team meeting, as one of our Team projects, Dr. Provo comes up with a fun unique team challenge to raise money to benefit the Abbotsford Food Bank. This year she invited everyone to join her at Galaxy Bowl with little explanation.



Upon the teams arrival Dr. Provo explained the terms of this year’s challenge; for every strike or spare achieved NOVO would make a monetary donation to the Abbotsford Food Bank.




With such a worthy cause at stake, the team was broken into groups where amongst much laughter and supportive shouts Team NOVO took to the lanes doing their best to achieve as many strikes as possible, in whatever manner worked for them!!


As the afternoon progressed Dr. Provo upped the ante!! To make things just a little more interesting she introduced the use of oven mitts! This made the task slightly more challenging, with even more imaginative ways tried, to gain the elusive strike to benefit the Food Bank .


Not only do these events bond us a team, but reinforce how easy it is that by working together we are also able support our community.

We are excited to see how 2019 will unfold and how a little “Team NOVO fun” will make a difference!!